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Swid Powell
Greenwich Village, New York

Swid Powell, a design company that commissioned tabletop products from architects and designers, decided to consolidate their warehouse and administration operations for greater efficiency based on the "just-in-time" concept.

The company's organizational structure required close interaction and a certain informality between its departments, some of which consisted of a single person. The core of the design, therefore, became the idea of the "big room" mediated by fixed and moveable "screens" which afforded transparency yet allowed for the establishment of territoriality and of the varying degrees of privacy still necessary in the office environment.

The idea was realized by inserting a system of steel columns, thin partitions and sliding translucent laminated glass panels into the whitewashed volume of the existing loft. The system allows for transmission of light into the interior and for the sense of accessibility and openness, while at the same time providing privacy for more discreet work.