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High Line
Chelsea, New York

High Line Park & Arcade

The four-level commercial base surrounds the High Line and is designed to act as a “collector” of the numerous program elements: stores, restaurants, bars, spa and meeting facilities, as well as hotel amenities, building lobbies and associated service functions.

A through-block pedestrian shopping passage is the artery that runs through the base at the ground level; it is defined by the riveted steel plate of the High Line structure and is flanked by skylights bringing natural light to the interior. In the center of the site, at 28th Street, a grand straight-run stair and an elevator encased in a glass cylinder link the commercial arcade with the park above. A spiral stair provides backup circulation, descending to the lowest commercial level below grade. The glass cylinder marks a virtual cross-axis that allows pedestrian traffic to penetrate the site in the east-west direction, from the hotel through to Tenth Avenue.

While the main entrances to the residential tower and the hotel lobby are on Tenth Avenue and 29th Street, respectively, both buildings can also be accessed directly from the park and from the passage below. Outdoor café terraces line the third level, just above the park, and the hotel pool and bar open up to their own south-facing terrace which is also accessible from the hotel lobby