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Rockefeller Plaza West
New York

The management of Rockefeller Center intended to build the last element of the complex, its western-facing entrance, on a Seventh Avenue site between 49th and 50th Streets, adjacent to Exxon Plaza in Manhattan. The building was to house offices and an educational-technical center for the performing arts, and to link to the underground concourse network. The project won a Citation from Progressive Architecture Magazine in 1988.

The building is comprised of four major elements. A central core "pins" the building to the site and defines it on the skyline, acting with the RCA Building as a bookend to the Exxon Building. Laminations placed around this core create a condition of rotation which terminates the east-west axis of the complex and establishes a new relationship to the Times Square to the south. The variety of scales created by these laminations and their irregular composition allow the building to graft itself onto the existing cityscape. The building is clad in limestone and glass, with shimmering metal ornamentation on the surface of the stone articulating the setbacks.

Mr. Gates acted as lead designer on this project at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, PC.