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Levine Loft
SoHo, New York

This SoHo loft has very tall ceilings and oversized windows wrapping around two sides, offering extended views of the articulated cast-iron facades on the intersecting streets below. The client, a single man who is an accomplished cook and collector of traditional Japanese furniture, was seeking flexibility and simplicity of design and did not need discreetly separated spaces.

The living area, occupying the corner, is kept completely open. The kitchen and sleeping areas are set off this main rectangular volume, while the remaining private functions are distributed along the windowless side wall. The sleeping area is screened off with oversize sliding partitions that allow it to be either completely enclosed or integrated into the rest of the space. The kitchen fills a large open alcove off the living area. It is designed using materials that are "hard" and industrial yet finished in a refined way: laminated translucent glass, sand-blasted stainless steel and cast resin laboratory counters. A study, also screened off from the main space with a large sliding panel, doubles as a guest room.