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Odland/Schaffzin House
Chappaqua, NY

A family has decided to relocate from New York City to Chappaqua, a suburb north of the city. They found a Georgian Revival house built in the 1920's, set in a bucolic landscape next to a brook, with an apple orchard and a pond in front. The house was too small for their needs however, and there was no real relationship between the interior and the surrounding landscape. In addition, they felt that the layout and style of the interior was too traditional for their informal lifestyle and modern sensibility.

Our objective was to address the clients' needs without compromising the integrity of the existing house. Two one-story wings and a new entry were added in order to expand the living space on the ground level, with sight lines established to create a more open relationship between interior and exterior. Subsequent phases added dormers to make the third floor more functional and converted the cellar to a Man Cave.