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Hecht Townhouse
Greenwich Village, New York

This is the second renovation of the WEIL TOWNHOUSE which has been sold to a new owner. It was undertaken primarily with the purpose of converting the house to a single-family residence.

The architecture of the house, including the garden façade and the interior stair with its gallery of back-lit images, was kept in place. The house plan and the approach to the layout and treatment of the interior spaces have been retained as well, with some modifications designed to meet the new owner’s needs. The garden stair and the entry sequence also remain, while the garden itself has been re-designed as a more formal court. Part of the grade was lowered and a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door introduced at ground level, transforming the formerly dark basement area into a garden room.

Most of the interior materials and fixtures were updated in the course of this renovation. The interior design firm of Alan Tanksley, Inc. participated in the selection of the new finishes, and landscaping of the rear yard and the roof garden was done by Plant Specialists.