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Fosler House, Newport Beach, CA

This renovation is of a house designed and built by our client’s father in 1970 on a terrace overlooking the Back Bay of Newport Beach, California. The house is a hybrid design with a cool, modern street façade and a California mid-century modern massing, with its courtyard pool, extensive glass and low-slung projecting roof. It was generally well designed and constructed but was in need of updating to accommodate current lifestyles as well as substantial refurbishment of technical systems. The spirit of the existing house formed the basis for all new interventions.

New planters and gates were introduced to create a more welcoming entry sequence and to enhance the indoor-outdoor quality of the overall environment. New transom widows were installed to amplify the hovering quality of the roof and dissolve the boundary between interior and exterior.

On the interior, the kitchen was redesigned to be more open to the living spaces. A new walnut volume matching the existing wood in the space was introduced to screen a dining area from the living room. The master bedroom suite was substantially renovated.
New concrete floor finishes were installed throughout the interior and exterior to create continuity throughout the house.