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Lorient Sub Base
Lorient, France

Lorient Submarine Base was an international competition seeking ideas for the use of three gargantuan submarine bunkers left from WWII and for the master planning of the surrounding area that includes the second largest fishing port in France.

Our strategy was based on returning the military base space back to the public by creating a new plaza at the tip of the peninsula and a public park on top of the largest bunker. The people of the city would thereby regain access to and control over the water's edge.

Two bunkers would be used to house a Museum of Sub-Acquatic Warfare, while the third would be converted into a site for art installations, thus taking advantage of the structures' architectural and mnemonic power. The space surrounding the mute bunkers would become an open-air theater.

An incubator for high-tech factories and R&D facilities would be inserted into the core of the fishing port, tapping the potential of the existing geometry of the site. A cross-axis would link this "core" to the hotel and conference center located at the water's edge.