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Ground Zero: An Architectural Proposal
Lower Manhattan, New York

Our proposal for a project on the site of the World Trade Center was intended as a contribution to the public discourse about the future of the site. The proposal was not merely hypothetical but conceived as a real project to address social and economic problems confronting Lower Manhattan and propose a path for future growth. But it is also idealistic in its attempt to imagine, in an innovative way, the possibilities of re-building and re-energizing the City while commemorating the victims of the tragedy. The City has been confronted with the unprecedented task of re-building an entire district within the dense core of Downtown. While there are many approaches that could be taken, our project is based on several fundamental ideas:

- A major project with a critical mass of space and population to promote diversified economic and social activity Downtown
- A project integrated into surrounding urban fabric, re-linking formerly isolated districts
- A memorial appropriate to the scale of the tragedy, yet still allowing for development of the site
- A significant presence on the City skyline and a visual anchor for Downtowntown