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Kiev Islands Park
Kiev, Ukraine

The question arises: what should the character of a park be in the center of a city of three million people? Not just any park; this one is a vast territory in the middle of the great Dnieper River, source of Kiev’s very existence. The advantageous position of the park presents opportunities and dangers: if properly carried out, the park can forever preserve a tranquil natural space in the heart of the city. However, as the city grows, there will be increased pressure to urbanize this valuable space. It is important therefore, to clearly delineate how the islands will be used. Our project proposes solutions that preserve this natural space while allowing for relatively intense human activity – an urban ecological park.

A park with so much territory in the middle of the city needs to accommodate a wide range of uses. We propose an array of types of “park”, ranging from natural refuges untouched by human hands, to reconstructed nature, curated nature and natural artifice. These are deployed in relation to the adjacent city in a way that they sometime reinforce existing urban patterns and sometimes contrast with them. At the same time, the boundaries between them are blurred in such a way as to make the entire park a continuous space.