Gates Merkulova Architects LLP is a practice founded in 1995 in Manhattan. Broad critical engagement with culture forms the foundation of our design philosophy, and we seek projects of any scale that present an opportunity to create high quality architecture.

Our studio is organized around the notion that each project is developed through the interaction between the client, architect and builder, a process that balances the various concerns of design, economy and technology. This structure allows for great flexibility in the organization of project teams, and for forming a variety of alliances in order to tailor the team to the specific requirements of each project.

Good design is the core of our work, and we strive to develop a unique and innovative approach to each project. At the same time, we maintain ongoing research into advancements in technology, materials and project management.

The partners have extensive experience in a broad range of projects of different types and scale. This is reflected in our practice, in which we engage in a wide variety of work: residential, commercial, institutional and mixed-use projects, as well as theoretical explorations. We believe that the diversity of our practice enriches our conception of the possibilities of architecture and enhances our ability to best meet the challenges of every project.

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